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We are the Best full-service gastroenterology Doctor in India.

Gastroenterology Specialist

We can arrange procedures For Any gastroenterology and gastrointestinal treatments at top Quality hospitality and Services. Whatever you are being suffering from get treated from the best.

Make sure that you're associating with the right specialist If you have a gastroenterological complaint and have been recommended to carry out a gastroenterology procedure with complex condition.

Dr Dhaivat Vaishnav

Our Core values

Dr Dhaivat Vaishnav Here is a experienced and trained specialist. you will have a great impact on the treatment of your gastrointestinal condition Or Any Kind of gastroenterology procedure.

Patient as Care Point

providing care that is free from harm, minimizes redundancy and waste, allows timely access to needed services, follows best practices, and incorporates patients’ preferences and treatment priorities.

National & Ethical Medical Practice

With having years of experience under ethical and professional standards. our team of experts are devoted to achieve total client satisfaction with their work.

International Quality and Technology

These medical and surgical equipment are of Mordern Tech provided by us at most superior Quality.

Quality & Excellence

provide precise diagnostic testing & services to our valued customers/patients. We strive to provide everyone with quality work “error free, on time & accurate results”, through our dedicated staffs.

Types Of Intervantation

Open Surgery

Whenever surgery is advised to patients, due to wide spread use of social media, patient ask about laparoscopic or key hole / minimally invasive surgery. Yes, minimally invasive surgery is definitely benefits patients in terms of recovery, but sometimes open surgery by putting adequate cut over abdomen is required.

Laparoscopic Surgery

Traditional major open abdominal operations are now replaced by laparoscopic/ key hole surgery. Relative to conventional open surgery, minimally invasive surgery is associated with reduced postoperative pain, more prompt return of bowel function, reduced hospital stay, and more rapid return to normal activity. Long term benefits are also well perceived. Minimally invasive surgery has transformed patient’s post-surgical stress and experience.

Robotics Surgery

Robotic surgery is extension of accuracy of minimally invasive surgery. In this surgeon by using of robot can do complex abdominal surgeries with more accuracy. All kind of abdominal surgeries now performed using robotics. Artificial intelligence of robot helps surgeon to give best results to patients.