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wide range of medical specialities across it’s network of hospitals.

International patients are welcome to make in-person Appointments with our world-renowned MS, DNB (GI & HPB SURGERY) Specialist Dr.Dhaivat Vaishnav

  • 48 hour response time

    We aim to respond to every query within 48 hours. Please kindly note that depending on the nature of the question, we may ask further questions to get clarity in order to give you accurate response. It is also the case that the doctor may ask for your medical records to be able to communicate on available treatment options.

  • Arranging Your Travel Plans

    For patients travelling abroad for medical care the first time, below are useful pointers to help you plan your journey. In any case, should you want someone to help guide you through, please feel free to get in touch with Dr. Dhaivat Vaishnav International Representative.

    Check with your current doctor, or receive a free online consultation with a Dr. Dhaivat Vaishnav doctor to determine if you are fit to travel overseas in your current health and medical condition or not.

    Once you decide to continue your treatment abroad, make sure to keep your local doctor informed to continue your follow ups in your home country.

    Learn more about the procedure including; what are your expectations and what is achievable from the surgery. Check with your doctor what can be expected during your recovery and if any physical therapy is required.

    New patients must send over a copy of their passport to receive a Visa invitation letter from the hospital. Once the patient receives the hospital’s invitation letter, it is imperative to share their flight itinerary with your representative.

    Keep your important documents including Visas, immunization records, MRI scans, and other medical documents with you.

    At the airport, the hospital staff will arrange an airport pick up service for the patient with added hotel assistance.

  • Stay in India

    If you prefer to stay at a hotel near the hospital during your treatment, the International Patients Division can help you with room arrangements, according to your preferred budget. Call an International Representative before planning your travel period for more details.

  • Arriving at the Hospital

    Upon arriving at the hospital, you are required to show your passport at the registration counter to complete your registration with the hospital. The hospital will keep a copy of your passport for your hospital record. Please take note that this is a mandatory step According to directives from the Government of India.

  • Clinical Opinion

    It is advisable that the patient share the medical report, case history, details of treatment taken and current clinical status by email before they travel to Vision for their treatment. Our medical experts will evaluate reports to plan treatment, expected duration of stay at the hospital and post discharge follow up mechanisms.

  • Currency Exchange

    We will provide assistance with currency exchange facility.

  • Interpretation Services

    An interpreter facility will be available within the hospital on request.

Dr. Dhaivat

With International Patients

Frequently Ask Question

What identifying documents should I bring with me to Cedars-Sinai?

Your identification card and passport.

Can a family member stay with me in the inpatient room?

Yes. In our non-ICU setting, every room is a private room. One family member or friend can stay in the inpatient room with you overnight. You can ask your floor nurse for a cot for them to sleep on.


This depends on your particular diagnosis, treatment package and personal requirements. In general though, our Hospital provide excellent standard of care at costs which are more affordable than corresponding Hospital in international comparison.


When you leave our facility, you receive a final medical check-up and discharge summary from your attending physician with overview of your treatment as well as follow-up care recommendations. This is to ensure your local providers back home have a clear idea of your treatment with us. You do not have to worry you will forget something important.

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